The passion for visual excellence is a constant pursuit that began for me at a young age. Through the power of photography, cinematography, editing, and design, I have been able to capture the moments and retell the stories of life’s journey.


With a degree in Graphic Communication from Cal Poly SLO, years of freelance creative production work, and corporate experience as a project manager for commercial printing/packaging and for an AI-based Marketing Optimization start-up, the work is second-nature.


Extracting inspiration from all walks of life; nature, hip-hop, friendship, mountains, skateboarding, cannabis, techno, sports, comedy, mountain biking, technology, reggae, women, snowboarding, travel, oceans, family, architecture, love, death…


RoVan Media, based in San Francisco, California, is here to help you contextualize your brand vision and collaborate on creating something accentuating. I invite you to explore my work, gain inspiration, and build a relationship to curate creativity. Now let’s get to work!

Hi, I'm Ross!